Lake Vyrnwy - Wales

[Visited - 5th January 2013]

This was a little spur of a moment trip that I and a friend embarked on. I frequently write stories and fiction and it happened that one of the pieces I’d been working on featured Lake Vyrnwy.

So bundling into my Golf off we trundled through Bala, stopping by the lake briefly to admire it before we carried on to the shores of Lake Vyrnwy.

As you can see we arrived just before the sun started to set.

Lake Vyrnwy itself has an interesting history.

In the 1880s Liverpool was struggling to cope with the demand for clean, fresh water which was essential for warding off disease and for the growing population. The answer? Build a reservoir.

Unfortunately the villagers of Llanwddyn probably didn’t like this idea very much, considering the reservoir would be right on top of their homes. Unfortunately for the villagers Liverpool didn’t really care much about their petition and the reservoir was built and the valley flooded, submerging the village below water.

As you can see from the photos it was quite an eerie place. The lack of bird song was quite noticeable but this was probably due to it being mid winter. Despite it being cold we ventured out to stretch our legs, catching  the stunning sunset you can see on the photographs.

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